50 Japanese Candy: Kit Kat Edition

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50 sweets and snack Bento tray with Konpeito and 10 Amezaiku hard candy 30 dagashi

1. Tirol Choco Chocolate with Biscuits 2. Kinako mochi fluffy rice cracker roasted soy bean flavor 3. Choco daihuku Marshmallow filled with chocolate 4. Pokemon chewing gum 5. Awadama Cider candy 6. Uni mochi Rice cracker sea urchin flavor 7. Ume no kamaki Rice cracker with seaweed 8. Makengumi hand shaped gummy 9. Umaibou snack Prawn mayonnaise flavor 10.Umaibou snack Cinnamon apple flavor 11. Ebisen Prown salt crisps 12. Home pie Mini pie snack 13. Roanne thin light biscuit with vanilla cream 14. Konpeitou Flower shaped sugar candy 15. Hello kitty lollipop Peach flavour 16. Wasabinori Taro minced seaweed with wasabi flavor 17. Winnie the pooh marshmallow 18. Fugashi Brown sugar fluffy dried wheat sweets 19. Kitkat mini Matcha flavor 20. Un choco Animal chocolate 21. Ume mints Plum flavored mini candy 22. Crayon shinchan Chocobi ramune Ramune cocoa flavor 23. Yakisoba san taro Crispy noodles 24. Potato fry Fried chicken flavoured crisps 25. Cabbage taro Round shaped corn snack with seaweed 26. Mochi Taro Rice cracker 27. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Takoyaki flavor 28. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Sugar rusk flavour 29. Umai tama Mini cream puffs 30. Shimichoco corn Corn snack soaked into chocolate 10 KIT KAT flavours change in base of the seasonal flavors



  • Assortment gifts box 50 PCs of Japanese popular snacks and sweets.
  • Great gift idea for birthday, Christmas, San Valentine, and other occasion.
  • All delivery from July include a tracking number to avoid delay
  • Chocolate might melt during delivery in summer
  • Please note that in Japan the expiry date is written YEAR / MONTH / DAY